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Victory For Vietnam Blue-Water Sailors

Beginning Jan. 1, 2020, Veterans who served as far as 12 nautical miles from the shore of Vietnam, or who had service in the Korean Demilitarized Zone, are presumed to have been exposed to herbicides, such as Agent Orange, and may be entitled to service connection for any of the 14 conditions related to herbicide exposure.

VA is also now able to extend benefits to children with spina bifida whose BWN Veteran parent may have been exposed while serving.


You will want to file your claim as soon as possible.  Please use an established Veteran Service Officer or agency.  You should NEVER have to pay for assistance filing a Veterans benefits claim.  The DAV, VFW, American Legion and many other organizations train VSO's who volunteer to help.


Remember that a veterans benefits claim DOES NOT "die with the veteran."  In many cases, the heirs or estate can continue pursuing an appeal on behalf of the Veteran.  Substituting claimants can be tricky.  Contact someone who has training or experience in that area of law if you need help.



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