Uninsured Motorist Coverage is the real protection for personal injury

I am never comfortable with those TV lawyers who claim that they will get you millions of dollars or say the insurance companies "fear them."  Even before becoming an attorney, I decided that I would never be that guy.  I would rather both my clients and opponents recognize that I fight for fair respectful treatment of my clients and I use those uncommon weapons of plain-spoken honesty and integrity.  That is why Samaritan Law Group came together, to offer good people a hand when they need it.

Dealing with insurance companies is always a pain in the neck.  Much more so when you have an actual pain in your neck from a car crash.  Then you are worried about things like missing work, paying medical bills, getting your car fixed, and on top of that, yes your neck hurts.  A good attorney can keep things on track, gather the required information, deal with the doctors, chiropractors, health insurance companies, car insurance companies, and help you to make sense of what is going on.

You may have auto insurance to protect you from liability.  If you are insured in Florida, you probably have PIP, or personal injury protection which pays the first $10,000 of your losses.  What happens when the person who hit you does not have insurance?  Maybe they have only PIP and you have serious injuries!  Uninsured or Under-insured Motorist coverage is the only coverage that really protects you.  Lost wages, extensive property damage, and high medical bills can all be paid with UM coverage.  If your insurance agent is not offering you UM coverage, ask for it.

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