Joseph Scone

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USMC 1984-1989

Joseph Scone joined the USMC while still in high school, went to boot camp at Parris Island right after graduation, and served as an Artilleryman in the 10th Marine Regiment, 12th Marine Regiment and 23 Marine Expeditionary Unit. After 4 years of active duty, Joe went home to Scranton, Pennsylvainia and served with his hometown Guard unit before returning to active service.

U.S. Army 1993-2009

Joseph Scone's first Army duty station was in Schweinfurt, Germany with the 3rd Infantry Division. Joseph deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina in support of IFOR and later SFOR . 3ID re-flagged to the 1st Infantry Division and Joseph served with the historic Big Red One under fire in Brko, in the Republic of Serbska. In 1997 Joe returned to the continental U.S. to serve with the 101st Airborne Division
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101st Airborne Division

(Air Assault)

Joseph Scone spent nearly a decade as a proud Screaming Eagle with the 101st, including service in Iraq. In Iraq, Joseph was assigned duties as a trainer-liaison with Iraqi Army and Kurdish Peshmerga forces. Despite being 'banged-up a little' Joe was able to share his experience and skills as a trainer-mentor at JRTC before retiring in 2009.

After I retired I wanted to use my education and rehab benefits.  The VA counselor actually told me to go home because I was "too old and broken to fight."  Not a good thing to say to a guy who still had Iraqi sand on his boots and smelled like gunpowder.  When I was done fighting the VA, they paid me to go to law school.  

God gave me a tremendous gift, my life, it is my responsibility to use it to bring about some good in the world.

When someone is gets hurt through no fault of their own, they deserve to be made whole.  That may mean disability and medical benefits from the government or reimbursement for doctor bills, lost wages, and property damage from an insurance company.  Under either circumstance, people deserve to be treated with courtesy and respect and not run down by giant organizations.