You fought for Freedom

I fight for You

When I left the military after serving in Iraq, I had to fight for my own rights. Then I found that those I served with were still fighting for their rights and needed someone who would stand by them with the courage to fight and the skill to win. 

Whether it is a Veterans' benefits issue, Veteran's rights in family court, or a Veteran in need of criminal representation, this Veteran will never give up on his brothers and sisters.
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7.0Joseph G Scone

Personal Injury Law

I have partnered with Samaritan Law Group to form a team of specialist attorneys who add their expertise to fighting personal injury claims.  I love the way Samaritan Law Group attorneys let the facts drive the case, without giving the client unrealistic promises  and false claims.

I saw guys who were getting the runaround from insurance companies when all they wanted was to get their medical bills paid and their car fixed.  I had to partner with a team that would have the experience to handle tough fights but who were not doing the "Faker and Faker" ambulance chasing.  We have over 50 years of experience taking care of people without ever plastering our faces on billboards and buses or taking money from clients to pay for tasteless TV commercials.

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I am thrilled to become a Lawyer of Distinction.  It is not something that I ever thought about.  I simply focused on doing the best for the people who needed my help.  It is quite an honor.

Joseph Scone

Protecting the rights of those who served.

I find that after 24 years of fighting to take care of my troops,

I now have to take the fight to the courtroom to protect the rights of my fellow veterans